Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ode to Food

I had to write an ode today for my English class. I enjoy writing some poems, but this one was ... well, just read it. This poem is definitely the cheesiest one (literally) that I've written. Still, it might make you laugh. My teacher said to "write about something that has deep meaning to you" and I think I hit home :).

Ode to Food
March 24, 2010

The sound of the sizzling food
In the frying pan sounds so good.
Oh the smelly aroma, oh the taste.
The feeling of biting into tomato paste.
When I go with a friend to Moe’s,
We both like to buy giant burritos:
Huge piles of junk stocked full
With sweets that make our eyes dull.
Nothing is better than eating some grub,
Nothing; not even sitting in a bathtub.
Although the water at McDonald’s sits
Out and tastes like plastic, causing fits,
The food there is next to none,
With cheap burgers wrapped up in a bun.
The feel of the grease dripping off your chin
Like little ants crawling down a trash bin.
You can eat coleslaw in food or alone;
I hope in the future I can own
All the coleslaw I will ever need,
Maybe even invent a coleslaw seed.
The millions I could make and the coleslaw
I could eat; it’d be hanging out my jaw!
It would be a mess; that’s why we grow
Bun trees for buns to wipe up, though.
But oh, though I try so hard to see
A coleslaw seed, there’s no seed for me.
Still, food is one of the greatest creations,
Everyone should have it; all the nations!


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